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Our Programs!

Forest Friends Preschool embraces a play-based curriculum with an emphasis on outdoor education. We incorporate Waldorf pedagogies and teaching methods to cultivate a sense of wonder and prompt each child to embrace life with enthusiasm, initiative and purpose. Our curriculum engages students in creative thinking, social and emotional development, art and music exploration, nature awareness, conservation and appreciation, and physical activity. All of our classes emphasize the importance of free play and nature-based learning opportunities. We aim to introduce our students to the beauty of our planet and the individual duty we each assume to care for and respect the world around us. We incorporate both indigenous knowledge and tribally-developed curriculum into our program to both recognize the history of Native people and tribes in Washington and their role as leaders in outdoor education. We believe in the power of community and feel that this should be an integral part of education. All of our programs offer the opportunity for children to interact with others their own age as well as in mixed group settings.


Forest Friends Preschool at Lakemont

Forest Preschool in Bellevue, WA

Reach out about Fall 2024

  • Children aged 30 months to 6 years old

  • Outdoor Education

    • Nature Exploration​ and Immersion

    • Small Class Size & Small Child to Teacher Ratio

  • Play-Based Learning

  • Enrichment Programs

    • Music Teacher Weekly

    • Nature Yoga Teacher Weekly 

    • Farmer Time

Forest Friends Preschool at the Farm

Farm Preschool in Issaquah, WA 

Reach out about Fall 2024

  • Ages 2 through 6 years

  • Morning Schedule with 2, 3 and 5 day options

  • Enrichment Programs:

    • Farm Provided "Toddler Tuesday"​

    • Nature Yoga

    • Music

    • Movement

    • Spanish/ASL 

  • Animal Interactions

  • Garden Tending

  • Play-Based Learning

  • Nature Immersion and Exploration at student set pace


Curious Cub Adventure Camp

Summer Program in Bellevue, WA


  • Children 2 years- 7 years old

  • 4:1 student to teacher ratio

  • Explore both indoor and outdoor locations near us!

    • farms, parks, kayaks, museums, trails, animal interactions and more!

  • ​Learn about a variety of topics from our 10 fun filled themed weeks!

    • Farm to Fork, Ocean Life, Nature, Art, STEM, Animals and Planes, Trains & Cars!​

Programs: Programs
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