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Parent Testimonials

Words from previous and current families!

“Sending our son to Forest Friends is one of the best parenting decisions we've made. This is what childhood is supposed to be! Outdoors, learning by exploring, getting dirty, being a part of the natural world while developing every part of their hearts, minds, and bodies. Each day is filled with exploration and lessons that stem from students' curiosity and wonder. My son thrives in this amazing outdoor child-led learning environment, his confidence, social and emotional skills have grown significantly over the last year. You know its good when the kids don't want to get in the car at the end of the day! The teachers are the best of the best who bring their compassion and passions to school every day and are committed to each child's holistic well-being. Besides with me and family, this is the best place for my son to be. Thank you Forest Friends!"

-Dacia & Dave

"My son transferred here from another outdoor school. He’d liked his previous one, but after attending Forest Friends, he said “mom, that’s the school for me. You found the perfect place” Couldn’t agree more. He thrives here. I can rest easy knowing he’s loved and taken care of. The teachers at this school would do anything for their students. Each kid is treated with kindness and respect for the individual that they are. Never any judgment or fitting the mold here! Fun loving individuals are celebrated and nurtured. I would honestly keep my kiddo here for his whole life if I could. The chance to explore the world, their bodies, their minds, and make lifelong connections is a parents dream. "


"Both of our kids are thriving under the care and guidance of Forest Friends. Each day they come home with new skills, more confidence, and nuggets to share with us. With the outdoors as their classroom, and the dedication of the staff, this is an experience that we feel lucky to be a part of, as it will forever be the base of their education and unique view of the world. Thank you for creating this experience!"


"My son loves going to Forest Friends. Trina and Corrah are amazing, loving, and caring teachers! They keep the kids safe, happy and entertained no matter the weather! They are also amazing at working with you as a parent to provide support and the best learning environment for your child. I love that my son is outside exploring and learning from nature."


"Ellie loves her teachers and friends here. She comes home bursting with confidence to explore and enjoy the outdoors. I was worried about the weather year-round, but the teachers partner with parents to keep kids cozy (or cool), safe and having fun no matter the temperature."


"Our four and a half year old son absolutely loves his time at Forest Friends! He is in his second year (last year he was at Lakemont Park and this year at Infinity Farm) and outdoor preschool is the perfect fit for him. He loves all of it: exploring the natural world, his kind and enthusiastic teachers, interacting with the animals, creative and imaginative play, story time and being outside. We were a little worried about outdoor school particularly during the colder months but with the guidance of the school our little one was properly geared up and had the best time, rain or shine. It's actually made a positive impact on our family's weekend outings - he is always up for being outside, a true PNW kiddo! When he comes home he readily shares how much fun he has had with his teachers and friends and often exclaims how much he loves nature and the Earth. We appreciate getting to relive his experiences when we look at the photos the teachers share at the end of the day with highlights of the Busy Bees's adventures. The entire Forest Friends teaching and admin team goes the extra mile to help answer any and all questions, create community among the families with fun social events and most importantly makes each child feel seen, heard and loved - it is truly wonderful to be part of this community."

- Brianna

"We absolutely LOVED Forest Friends. The teachers are superlatively skilled communicators with kiddos and know exactly how to turn the outdoors into a fun-filled adventure for little ones. I was deeply impressed with the amount of passion and enthusiasm they showed with the kids, and grateful for how clearly and thoughtfully they communicated with parents/adults. Seeing pictures from the woods every day was a major source of joy in our household, and made it feel like we were part of the experience. Our kid had the time of his life, rain or shine, and it was amazing to see how much he grew as a person during his time at FF. He developed a better emotional vocabulary for his own big feelings and a profound curiosity for all things nature. Forest Friends is an AMAZING program and we recommend it without hesitation. One hundred out of 5 stars."


"Friends and family often raise an eyebrow when they hear we are sending our son to an "outdoor" school in the Seattle area, but Forest Friends has proven to be an amazing choice for our family. Weather forecasts for the week are always provided in advance (for parents that don't have the time to look themselves!), and workarounds for days with thunder/lightning or other concerns (like bad air quality) are always in-place. Our son loves the various activities and adventures that are regularly planned, and has made dozens of new friends- which is a huge gain for us given the reservations he has shown with meeting new people. We enthusiastically recommend this school for your child!"


"We've had the most overwhelmingly positive experience at Forest Friends at both sites with our two sons. This incredible preschool has been faithfully accommodating, welcoming, supportive, nurturing, and caring each step of the way. When our previous preschool closed unexpectedly halfway through a school year, Forest Friends graciously and lovingly made spaces for the children and teachers who had been affected. This allowed my older son to finish out his preschool year, which provided so much joy and stability as he began the big transition to Kindergarten. Then, for my youngest son, the Farm staff continually went above and beyond any expectations to provide ways for my family to be a part of their amazing community and classroom, even through a huge family move to a new city. We were humbled, and never have I witnessed such care for these young ages, for my children. It's truly remarkable to see teachers who LOVE their job, their students, their families to this degree. It's been a gift to get to be a part of such a special place, and such a strong social-emotional learning environment for my children. These are deeply foundational skills they will carry into all their years to come. All I can say is thank you, thank you. If given the opportunity, attending the Farm with these amazing teachers will be the absolute best decision you can ever make for your young children."


"We really love Forest Friends! Our 4yo is attending for the second year in a row and truly loves the teachers and helpers. They are caring, patient and kind and our kid is always saying "when do I go back to school?" The rich outdoor curriculum is a wonderful blend of education, play and exploration and they combine these with activities like music, language and other important programs that they bring into the classroom. They are also quick to respond to our questions and are helping us to navigate these tricky toddler years. I highly recommended Forest Friends to all families!"

- Amber

Testimonials: Testimonials
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